But life’s messy, and even something with good intentions like deodorant, can still cause gross stains on your favourite tee. Ugh, we know. Whether it’s a waxy build up or yellow/grey marks that you want to tackle, we’ve got all the answers so your clothes can stay brighter and cleaner, for longer.

Antiperspirant Vs Odour Protection Deodorant

Before we get started, it’s important to note that there are two types of deodorant: antiperspirant and odour protection. The antiperspirant works by reducing or preventing sweating, which is perfect for those warmer days, intense activities or for those who are more susceptible for soggy armpits. Whereas the odour protection deodorant does what it says and keeps you feeling (and smelling) fresh by quashing or masking unwanted smells that come from sweating. Now that we’ve got out of the way, let’s talk about stains… 

Different Types of Deodorant Stains

Have you noticed unsightly yellow armpit stains on your t-shirt and thought to yourself “Ew!” – don’t worry, you’re not alone. 


Fun fact: sweat stains are actually colourless and odourless. Wait, what? It’s only when sweat gets into contact with the bacteria on your skin that causes a funky body odour. 


So why is it yellow? It all comes down to the chemical reaction between your sweat and the aluminium found in your deodorant. Aluminium is one of the main ingredients in antiperspirants, and not only does it cause unsightly yellow/grey marks, as a mineral, it also builds up over time, leading to a dark waxy build up.  


Another deodorant-related stain you’ll find are white chalk-like marks, once again, caused by our ol’ mate aluminium.


How do I remove yellow/grey marks from my clothes? 

If you’ve noticed a fresh yellow stain developing on the armpits of your shirt, pre-treat it with a Stain Remover for between five and thirty minutes before putting it in the washing machine with our Advanced Wash

To remove older and more stubborn yellow/grey marks, make a paste with our Powder Booster by adding two scoops with six scoops of water and applying the stain. Agitate it, then soak for two hours (important to not go over two hours for colours and no less than two hours for whites, for the best results), then machine wash with our Advanced Wash which was designed for life’s smelliest situations.

How do I remove deodorant buildup from my clothes?

Have annoying chalk-like marks from your deodorant or a waxy buildup that doesn’t seem to wash away? Grab some cotton socks (or a small cotton towel) and rub them against the stain to loosen it up. Machine wash with our Advanced Wash and then dry in sunlight.


And there you have it, a few tips and tricks to remove unwanted and unsightly deodorant and sweat stains from your clothes. But we’ve saved our best advice for last. Next time you roll or spray on your deodorant, let it sink into your armpits for a few minutes before slipping into your favourite top to avoid any marks, which means less laundry work in the long run. 


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Ellis King