Wash like the world depends on it.

Revolutionary, refillable laundry essentials eliminating single-use plastic

Waste and cruelty free products that pack a punch in your laundry.

Our Refill, Return Program

The planet shouldn’t pay excess for your clean clothes.

That’s why we have a closed loop refill return program that’ll help clean up the planet while you wash.

Life can be messy, Dirty — we exist to deal with it. The Dirt, that is. In 2016 the laundry industry was a mess. Single-use plastic bottles, synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals. We wanted to make it better - clean it up. So that’s where we started.

Plant based and organic technology

Our products are made efficient and effective by integrating the latest organic enzyme and plant based surfactant into highly concentrated cleaning formulas.

Dirt original laundry detergent bottle and refill pack in recycled cardboard box

Handy product design

Our dispenser bottles are made from glass with silicone bumpers for breakage protection. The handy dose pump is easy to grip, and helps you get the perfect amount.

Dirt complete refills stain remover wool and delicate and original laundry detergent bulk refill in metal basket

Concentrating on waste elimination

We use 4 times less packaging and reduce our carbon footprint, by eliminating water from our formulas. We use recycled materials in our packaging, which we reuse infinitely. Nothing is wasted.

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