Simply speaking, when it comes to the natural-ness of your products, there are six "categories" in the world of scents

    • “100% Natural”, otherwise known as essential oils.
      These are natural and best for people who are sensitive to stronger scents.
      However they are limited in cleaning “stay” power (natural scents dissipate quite quickly). They’re also a little bit limited in profile, because essential oils are resource intensive to make - so we look to only include scents that can be produced sustainably.

    • “Natural Origin” scents.
      Meaning made from a bio or natural base, but modified to have longer lasting properties. This is an easily certified standard of scent, as defined by ISO 9235 as “a majority of renewable carbon content”. These possess a near identical make up to those found in nature, but have an improved ability to last on your clothes.

    • “Nature Identical” scents.
      As it sounds, these scents are composed of molecules that look exactly the same as those found in nature, but are lab produced. You could find a eucalyptus ‘Nature Identical’ scent, but not a ‘bubble gum’ version. Nature identical has the best stay power of all the natural scents, and is - to some extent - the more sustainable to create due to its ability to be lab produced.

    • “Biodegradable” scents.
      These scents are not technically natural (nor identical to nature on a molecular level), but they do hold the properties of being naturally biodegradable just as the above natural categories do.

    • Low allergen scents.
      Interestingly, natural scents can often be the most difficult for people with allergies, pets etc. This is because they contain natural allergens, and are quite complex in nature. For hypoallergenic people, there is a special category of ‘low allergen’ scents, which are non -complex, and non irritating. 

    • Nature Inspired Scents. 
      These scents don’t have natural components, nor are they identical in molecular makeup. But they can be made to smell like things in nature. 

When it comes to scents we use, we only choose those that are on a fundamental level natural (up to 100%), or natural origin / nature identical with essential oils. 

The philosophy here is to find the middle ground between using something natural, something that works (and smells heavenly),  something that can be produced sustainably. 

This is why we’re introducing an updated way to talk about our scents. One where you’re completely in the know about what your scent is classed as, and helps you understand a little more about what it smells like: 

Lilac Haze (Fabric Spray)

Leading Notes: Geranium. Patchouli. Lavender. 
Essential Oils: Geranium Oil. Patchouli Oil. Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oils, Galbanum Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil. 

Fabric Spray Lilac Haze Scent Visualisation


Daybreak (Fabric Spray)

Nature Identical with Essential Oils
Leading Notes: Bergamot. Petitgrain. Clove.
Essential Oils: Orange Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Clove Oil, Curcuma Oil, Ginger Extract, Guaiacwood Oil, Petitgrain Oil.  


Fabric Spray Daybreak Scent Visualisation

Field Notes (Advanced Wash)

Natural Origin with Essential Oils
Leading notes: Fig Tree Leaves, Bergamot, Amber and Lemon 
Essential oils: Geranium 

Advanced Wash Scent Visualisation

Lemongrass and Eucalyptus (Powder Booster

Leading notes; Eucalyptus and Lemongrass 
Essential oils: Eucalyptus oil, Lemongrass oil 

Powder Booster Scent Visualisation


Subtle Spring (Original Laundry Detergent)

Leading Notes: Basil, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Orange
Essential Oils:  Lavandin Oil, Orange Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Pine Oil, Cedarleaf Oil, Cistus Oil, Citronella Oil, Clove Oil, Geranium Oil, Guaiacwood Oil, Patchouli Oil, Thuja Oil

Original Laundry Detergent Scent Visualisation

Wild Water (Wool and Delicate Wash)

Leading notes: Bergamot, Clove, Lemon
Essential Oils: Nutmeg oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Patchouli Oil, Bergamot Oil, Clove Oil, Lemon Oil.

Wool and Delicate Scent Visualisation

Sun Vita (Stain Remover

Nature Identical with Essential Oils
Leading Notes; Basil, Tea Tree, Orange and Lemongrass
Essential OIls: Orange Oil, Basil Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lime Oil, Mandarin Oil, Tea tree Oil


Stain Remover Scent Visualisation


Citrus Mist (Machine Drum Wash)

Leading Notes: Orange and Clove 
Essential Oils: Orange Oil, Clove Oil 

Machine Drum Wash Scent Visualisation

And there you have it. A not-so-short but very detailed explanation into the complex world of sustainability, scents, and exactly what’s in our products. 

Frankie Layton