Cost per load - the only true economic metric in laundry - is often hard to find. 
In Jan 2023, we went to countdown and purchased the largest format of Dynamo, EcoStore, and Persil at full price in their 1.8L, 2L and 1.8L formats respectively.

Here's what we paid: 
Brand  Cost per load   Price Loads 
Dynamo 51c $18.50 36
EcoStore 30c $17.00 56
Persil 62c $22.50 36

That's an average of 48c per load. 

If you run an average front loader, with Dirt, your bulk refill costs will run between 31 - 41c per load, depending on the type of laundry detergent.  

This range is below average, because we don't ship you water, and we don't pass our margins onto the supermarket majors. 

While these competitor costs can be offset by supermarket discounting, we've always thought a more decent thing to do is to set a value driven price, and keep it more or less consistent - allowing you to rest easy and clean, all year around. 

While we're on the topic of cost per load, we'd be amiss not to mention perhaps the most mind-boggling statistic of all - the environmental costs.

Have a look at the below plastic cost per load.  Boy do we absolutely knock it out of the park in this department.  

Brand  Plastic per load  Bottle Weight  Loads 
4.5 g
162 g
Ecostore  2.6 g 150g 56
Persil 4.9 g
196 g
Dirt Original 0.76 g 20 g 26

And this is not including the fact that more than 50% of the refill packs we send are on their second life or third life.

Cost per load can be measured in more ways than one, but we urge you to please stay vigilant in the laundry - it can be quite sticky business! 
Frankie Layton