The idea of Earth Day was first seeded in 1969 in the US, when peace activist John McConnell proposed hosting an annual 'teach in' to honor the earth and raise awareness for environmental issues. 

A crisp idea by John if you ask us. We have birthdays, mothers and fathers days, pet days and days to commemorate important historical events. But Earth Day is the only day in the global calendar where we're asked to stop and think about the single most intricate and nurturing asset we all have and share; the Earth. 

What happens on Earth Day? 

A range of activities take place across the globe, all coordinated by, the official organisation behind the day itself. 

Over the years, many historical environmental decisions have by no coincidence been signed off on Earth Day. This most notably includes the Paris Climate Agreement, in 2016. 

This year, Biden is hosting a 2 day climate summit with 40 thought leaders from around the world. There are other initiatives including live stream teachings, virtual marches and youth summits that will take place.  

Whilst all these activities require a small degree of commitment, we do encourage you to go and check out their website for anything that might peak your interest. 

However if you are a little time poor / commitment phobic, we've also got 5 suggestions on how you can participate in Earth Day, without swaying too far from the rhythm of your day. 

Light touch ways to be part of Earth Day. 

1. Watch 'The Year Earth Changed'. 

Or at a minimum, the trailer. It's our old favourite, Sir David Attenborough, narrating his way though the impact 'stopping' our economy had on the natural world.  

2. Go for a walk in nature

So obvious! So easy! So rewarding. Do it on Earth Day and just take some time to appreciate all that is around you. 

3. Commit to finishing all the unwanted products in your house. 

We know everyone has a pile of half finished, unwanted products in their house. Some of our team have tried to get rid of them creatively (akhm by giving them away on marketplace or in local groups), while others have thrown them out at a pace that doesn't upset their conscience.

This year, we're all trying a new strategy... Finish all unwanted products.

That's every bottle of shampoo you've tired and don't like, flour-type that you don't really understand the function of, hand cream that you don't love the smell of. Make it a rule not to buy replacement until all that pesky unwanted product is used up!

4. Pot a plant

Good for you, your house, the planet. 

5. Eat vegan 

If you're already a vegan, this is great. If you're not, why not use the day to try one of these great recipes from Cookie and Kate. They get the tick of approval from the vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters in our team! 






Gosha Wirya