2021 was our biggest year yet. And before you glaze over, know this isn't a story of business blah blah. 

THIS, is a story about the collective power of each individual.

It is far too easy to feel like all the effort you make is going to waste, especially at this time of year when it seems that waste is having a hay day.  So we want to share with you what our absolutely dedicated customer base was able to achieve on account of a tiny behaviour change in the laundry. 


Through our refill return program, we sent out 34,812 refill packs that were not on their first life. They safely delivered more than 44,000L of detergent. Because we are super concentrated (saving your hip-pocket and carbon footprint), that amounts to more than 2.5 million loads of laundry detergent that absolutely never had new packaging created for it. 




If you add to the number of refill packs we used to replace plastic bottles, to the number of refill packs we reused, 274,000+ is your number. It's probably an understated number though, as on average (thanks to our bulk formats and super concentrated formula), we send more loads of laundry in most of our refill packs than a standard bottle would contain.  





If you use a competitors detergent, you're quite likely to consume 4.42g of plastic per load (see reference from recent purchases). If you ours, you're likely to use 0.2g per load. Again, product and packaging formatting for the win. Plus, we don't use plastic bottles ever.  Using that logic, we have worked out that nearly 37 tonnes of plastic was spared from our earth this year.




As you know, we set 50% of our profits aside for activities that help keep our planet free of plastic. In the last year we’ve been investing our time (and money!) into understanding how to recycle our end of life refill packs (ones that have worn down over repeated re-use through our refill return program). We managed to crack the code with out very cute powder scoops, of which 3000+ have now been created.




We're so so ready for the next 12 months.  Doing business for good, is good fun. We can't wait to see what we're able to get up-to with your help. We've got plans, ideas and a full tank of unflappable enthusiasm. 






Gosha Wirya