Is it just us or does the world feel a bit heavy right now? Wherever we turn, never ending news cycles remind us of the uncertain future we face, and we can’t help but feel a little hopeless. When we get ‘that’ feeling, we lean on small acts of self-care to keep us grounded, and turn to literature to lift us up and offer a new perspective.

We know we’re not alone, so we’ve put together the most inspiring, hopeful and positive reads centered around the theme of sustainability. Whether you want some simple tips and tricks to help tackle climate change, upgrade your home while supporting a circular economy or simply need to see the world from a more rooted perspective, our ‘Climate Collection’ is the answer. Mindful books handpicked by the people who know best, inspiration is just one page away. 

Small changes can make a big difference

The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg, recommended by Joel Naoum, Head of Product at Booktopia

“This book provides a unique perspective on climate change, showing us a way forward, offering hope and practical steps that we as individuals can take to reduce our impact on the planet, and how we can use our voices to influence change at all levels.” - Joel 

The Climate Book

The original social network 

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, recommended by Jasmine Mayhead, Worn for GoodCommon Intent and Ethical Made Easy

"If you're someone who enjoys walks in nature and getting outdoors, prepare to never view trees and that park you walk through in the same way again. There's a whole world beneath our feet that we very rarely think about. This is about the total sophistication of nature and things we take for granted. If you're looking for a way to reconnect with nature and feel inspired, this book's a winner." - Jas  

Thoughtful design for sustainable living

Reclaimed, New Homes from Old Materials by Penny Craswell, recommended by Frankie Layton, Founder CEO The Dirt Company

“I have always been interested in the unique properties of different materials, and I love good design. This book is for anyone fascinated by the challenges of choosing 'used', who loves design, and who might have the chance to build with their hands one day.” - Frankie 


Eat what you sow 

Garden like a Nonno by Jaclyn Crupi, recommended by Chris Crouch, Happy Valley Shop Curator

“This is a very practical book for people who are feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. It's what to do with that feeling and it doesn't matter what your gardening setup is.” - Chris


Curating your closet with consciousness

Consumed by Aja Barbar, recommended by Maggie Zhou, Writer, Slow Fashion Advocate

“While Aja Barber's book on dismantling the ties between capitalism, colonialism and fast fashion exploitation sounds like a heavy read (I won't say it's not!), it’s also a really eye-opening novel that seeks to better our own relationship with fashion. The fast fashion industry doesn't only deserve better, but we deserve better too.” - Maggie


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Frankie Layton