We hear this all the time, so we thought it was time to hit the question on the nose, so to speak.

Our Laundry Detergent smells clean, in an Australian botanical kind of way. Think hints of lemon, eucalyptus, lavender and cedar wood - a gorgeous subtle and fresh scent.

Personally, we're not big on overpowering smells. We like the real deal, which is why we use all natural ingredients in our formula. Better for the planet, better for your skin too.

We're so confident in our Detergents' ability to clean, that we don't feel the need to fabricate the smell of clean, because with Dirt, your clothes actually WILL be clean. We've created our detergent to leave your clothes smelling natural and fresh with a gentle botanical fragrance.

You'll smell this in the detergent on the way into the machine, but you'll only get an extremely subtle hint of this smell on the way out. By the time your clothes are dry, they'll simply smell clean and dry.

Our Delicate Detergent is a little more on the floral side, with hints of geranium, lavender, bergamot and nutmeg. To us, it quite literally smells like a fresh stream mixed with flowers in bloom. Still not overwhelming, but definitely a touch more perceivable than the regular detergent brew.

We're so thrilled that our noses are pretty similar to our customers' noses - you guys love our gentle fragrance and that makes us so darn happy.

For those in the back who have requested a stronger smelling detergent - we so hear you. It's definitely on our radar, and we absolutely appreciate that some of your clothes cop a much harder time. We're looking at you, Gym Socks...

In the meantime, a few drops of your favourite essential oils to any load of washing will give it a little extra oomph in the scent department. A few drop into the washing machine drawer, or even directly into your Dirt Bottle will go a long way.

The point is to let you know, if you're into subtle, and natural smells this product is going to be your Jam!

Happy washing!

Gosha Wirya