We created our Original Laundry Detergent with a specific objective in mind. An option for people who weren’t finding what they needed standing in the laundry aisle; a high-performance eco laundry detergent that leaves a very faint sniff of laundry day behind. 

As a loyal following of Dirt fans started growing, we also started hearing from people who tried Dirt, loved what we were doing but who identified as being a bit more scent obsessed.

We were asked to formulate a new laundry detergent that had the same wonderful benefits of our original formula plus something a little bit extra; a distinct fresh scent for people who love a lingering 'just-laundered' smell long after laundry day is done. 

100% focused on tricky odour elimination, Advanced Wash is the result. It uses an anti-microbial ingredient and a higher level of a different type of scent to mask odours that can be difficult to shift out of certain clothes. 

Both Original Laundry Detergent and Advanced Wash are an 8 x concentrate and 100% biodegradable formula. Both are made using organic and plant-based cleaning ingredients and both are a part of our free Refill Return program. 


Now with two equally powerful laundry detergents to choose from, it can help to have a little guidance on which detergent you might prefer. 

Advanced Wash is for you if: 

  • You are scent obsessed (ie. love smelling the evidence of a clean) 
  • You wear a lot of dark, heavy clothing (which has the propensity to hold bad odour) 
  • You sometimes accidentally put away damp clothes (to find a bad smell months later)
  • You’re washing clothes to be left in a cupboard for a long period of time 

Original Laundry Detergent is for you if:

  • You have sensitive skin 
  • You prefer subtle scents 
  • You have a sensitive water treatment system at your house 

Both are for you if: 

  • You believe variety is the spice of life
  • You enjoy being a laundry master, carefully selecting ‘horses for courses’ (which in this case is Advanced Wash for Darks, Sportswear and Dense clothing
  • You have a few from each column in your house


Regardless of what you choose, know you’ll be doing a good job for the planet, and a good job in your laundry - regardless of what you choose! 

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Gosha Wirya