Powder Booster Refill

The most economical and environmentally friendly way to boost your brights and remove major stains. Our 2.8kg Booster Refill contains 187 scoops. 

Ingredients: Essential Oils, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen Activated Bleach), Sodium Bicarbonate, Bleach Activator, Surfactants, Organic Enzymes

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Powder Booster Refill Pack 2.8kg

How to use

Add in wash: 2 scoops for front loader, 4 scoops for top loader machine

Make a pretreat paste: add 2 scoops with 6 scoops of water and apply paste onto stain, agitate, and wash after 5 minutes

Soak your stains: dissolve 2 scoops in 7L of water. Leave colours for a maximum of two hours

Important Note: Make sure you always follow garment care instructions and do not use if the product says 'Do Not Bleach'. Always treat similar colours together to avoid colour run between garments.

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About Powder Booster

Our all time favourite Powder Booster is your best defence against life's more significant spills.

You can use it as an in-wash pre-treater, a powder soaker, or a paste to directly tackle stubborn stains, lift odours and brighten your clothes.

It is formulated with plant based surfactants, organic enzymes and oxi booster technology that specifically targets tough stains and leaves your clothes bright and fresh.

The dispenser jar has an airtight seal, to reduce 'clumping'. The refill pack also has a Velcro seal that can be reused time again. The scoop, which will help you measure out your exact dosage, is recycled in house by us from end of life refill waste.

What it Smells Like

Powder Booster contains a 100% natural scent; Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

It smells like cold fresh air when you open up the packaging. It'll cut through bad odours, leaving an almost imperceptible smell of fresh in its wake.

It contains Lemongrass and Eucalyptus essential oils.

We make laundry better in every single way. That’s it.


How many times will the Refill pack fill up a jar?

Three times

Can I reseal the refill pack?

Yes you can! The seal is made from a specialised velcro, so the refill pack can stay airtight between uses.

Is this product the same as a supermarket 'soakers'

Certainly, it's similar.

All supermarket soakers contain oxi-bleach for whitening and brightening dull clothes.

Some, like ours, also contain powerful enzymes, making them great at stain removal in addition to whitening and brightening. This is what makes it a potent pre-treater or paste stain remover in addition to a great soaker.

What is the best way to treat a stain using the Powder Booster?

Our Powder Booster is a multi-tasking hero that can be used three ways.

If you're time poor - add 2-4 scoops to your pre-wash (typically the dispenser drawer marked 1 or I) to lift stains, brighten whites and remove odours.

For really tough stains - make a pre-treatment paste by adding a scoop of booster and mixing it with water (1:3 ratio). Mix to form a paste, pop onto your stain, leave on for up to 15 mins on colours, or 2 hours on whites, then wash as usual.

To remove large format, hard set stains or brighten whites - add 2 scoops to a sink full of water (at the highest temperature as per garment care instructions), leave 30 mins on colours, or 2+ hours on whites, then wash as usual.

Make sure you soak similar colours together to avoid any dye mishaps.

What do you mean when you say 'pre-wash'?

Pre-wash is a washing machine function.

Most machines have a pre-wash button, which when turned on, means the washing machine will first start with a mini-cycle before moving onto the main cycle.

The washing machine will take the powder booster from the pre-wash compartment of dispenser drawer in your machine (which is typically marked as I or 1), and wash it through a cycle before it even touches the detergent in the 'main' compartment (or the drawer marked 2 or II).

This is so the oxi-bleach does not interfere with the performance of the enzymes in the laundry detergent, and the work on your stain-iest stains starts before your main wash does.

Is Powder Booster okay for sensitive skin?

Yes, because it's designed to be used before the wash cycle even starts. Used correctly, there should never be any powder booster residue on your clothes.

In addition the scent only contains essential oils – so nothing synthetic or sticky smelling that might linger on clothes long after the wash is finished.

Is the Powder Booster part of your Refill Return program?

Absolutely, yes. All our refills are collected for reuse.