Our Impact Initatves

We Treasure
Our Trash

We set aside 50% of our profits to tackling the waste problem from other angles, through our own and community initiatives.

Our apporoach to doing 'less harm'

We do everything we can to ensure nothing unncessary is included in our products. We first reuse and then recycle absoutely everything we produce, without exception.

But there are other groups and people in the world, who are also tackling the same waste issues with innovative approaches and pure intentions, and we want to make certain we're learning from, and supporting these people too.

Which is why, we dedicate ourselves to various impact projects that help us reduce the amount of plastic waste suffocating our planet. To date, we have invested more than $100,000 on 'impact initatives'.

Project 1:

The Ocean Clean Up

The Ocean Clean Up have a mission to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution at the source, using advanced technology.

Their mid-term objective is to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch AND stop 80% of plastic from entering the ocean, by tacking 1000 of the world’s worst polluting rivers.

These are BIG objectives. Their work requires enormous, innovative, large scale machinery that doesn’t come cheap. Your purchases have supported some of their major projects, so give yourself a big hearty pat on the back.

Total investment: $40,000

Total investment: $40,000
Project 2:

Transforming Trash

The brief to the team was: Going to landfill is not an option. Find a way to reuse, reused refill packs when they get to the end of their life.

Over endless iterations we're proud as punch to be able to share our first 100% recycled Dirt product (meaning no extra materials, or new plastic added to the mix, just 100% recycled end of life refill packs).

All our scoops are now made in-house, and supplied free with each dispenser jar.

See the full journey and the technical process behind transforming our own trash into new, useful things.

Total Investment: $70,000
Project 3

Trash Bag for Dirt Bag

Every January, we run a school holiday program called Trash Bag for Dirt Bag. Families are encouraged to pick a bag of rubbish up from their favourite holiday location, take a snap, upload it and tag it with #trashbagfordirtbag.

We reward these customers with a free refill pack of their choice.

We have seen bags of trash picked up from beaches and rivers spanning right across the country, from Tasmania through to the Northern Territory.

Total Investment: $5000

The Other Little Things

Recycled Cardboard Packing Materials

All our boxes are padded with cardboard shredded right here in our warehouse. Not only does it cushion the journey to your house, but it's also got some great uses in your home and garden.

Dirt original laundry detergent bulk refill pack

Product Donations

We would never throw away detergent just because there's a reason we can't sell it. We have an established relationship with OzHarvest, who distribute mixed laundry detergent where it's needed. We also work with local shelters and grass root fundraising initiatives.

Soft Plastic Recycling

In manufacturing, there is some plastic we cannpt avoid. Palette wrap is the hardest of all, That's why we have a recycling partnership with Reground Melbourne, who take industrial plastic, and turn it into filler for other plastic prodcts.

Help us? Join us'?

We are always hungry to learn about new ways we can do better. Have an idea for our next impact project? Tell us about it.

“Never think that a small group of committed people can’t change the world. It is in fact the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead