We never waste an

We’re on a mission to clean up the planet. From a refillable, reusable product design through to our impact initiatives, we’re all about cleaning up waste while youwash.

Designed for Impact

There are four principles that allow us to make pure and powerful products and keep thousands of tonnes of plastic from being manufactured in the process.

Dirt original laundry detergent bottle
Detergent dripping off hand

Refuse the worst first.

We have turned our nose up at everything that is truly unsustainable. From plastic packaging, through to harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

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We started with plastic. Plastic, once created, will always exist.

It is never recycled, 9-11% of the time it is down-cycled to become something else that requires less durability, or mixed with virgin (new) plastic for strength. Mostly, it is discarded to break down into micro-plastics.

We have replaced plastic jugs and containers with beautiful, sleek glass bottles. We’ve adjusted the height and radius of the corners, and added silicone bumper protectors to ensure you can’t easily break your bottle.

Glass is the least reactive material you can use to make packaging. It wont leach like plastic, and it wont degrade at the same pace as Aluminium. It's truly safe for your household for as long as you want to keep it.

If you do decide that you need to recycle it, in New Zealand it is 4 times more likely processed than any form of plastic. And if, and when it breaks down, it will turn back into sand via selective abrasion.

We have also stripped out unnecessary and harmful ingredients. We use plant based and organic active cleaning ingredients. Our formulas are 99% natural.

Dirt advanced wash refill and bottle on blue background with flowers
Dirt advanced wash refill bundle held in hand

Reduce to only the essentials

We’ve stripped back all the unnecessary in our products. Minimising waste through design and maximising performance via formulation.

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We only make formulas that are ultra concentrated.

This means we have the absolute minimum amount of water possible in a liquid formula (an average liquid detergent will recommend 60ml for a wash, we recommend 17.5ml). And we provide you with a pump to measure your dose so that you don’t accidentally use more than you need.

This keeps your carbon footprint and your packaging quantity to a minimum.

We use refill packs, now made from approximately 40% post industrial waste to replenish your laundry detergent stores. Through life-cycle analysis, we have identified this as the lowest impact solution to keeping your clothes clean.

Our boxes, made from at least 65% recycled materials have been engineered to maximise space efficiency in the post. While this is a constant work in progress, we pride ourselves on our ability to iterate quickly as our bundles change in size and make-up.

Dirt refill return stickers on hand
Advanced wash refill in reply paid envelope

Reuse everything possible

Through an initiative we call our Refill, Return program, we take back our refill packs sanitise them, and refill them to be sent back to our customers.

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We reuse all our packaging.

Through an initiative we call our Refill, Return program, we take back our refill packs sanitise them, and refill them to be sent out again.

If you'd like to participate, all you need to do is save up your refill packs until you have approximately four bulk packs, or 12 standard refills.

Then, simply purchase a subsidised reply paid envelope, and send the refill packs back to us.

Our initiative has seen hundred's of thousands of packs do more than one delivery.

In fact, 35% of all packs that leave our warehouse are not brand new.

At present, we know our refills can easily handle four deliveries. Time will tell if they can do more.

Dirt recycled scoops

Recycle the little that remains

There’s some waste we can’t avoid. But we can avoid sending it to landfill, and we have, meaning we are able to take responsibility for every little bit of waste we create.

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We recycle what we can.

At some point the well-travelled refill pack doesn’t pass quality control at the warehouse because it’s lost some of its durability. This pack is retired from being refilled.

We used to send it to TerraCycle, but we didn’t love that because we had no real control over what was happening to it.
It took us two years to figure it out, but we’ve finally worked out how to recycle it ourselves.

We melt the packs, spout, lid and all. The melted plastic is then remolded into its new incarnation: a 100% recycled scoop for our machine wash.

Once a pack, and now a useful scoop, it awaits it’s next and final trip to the laundry of one of our wonderful customers, to be used and be useful over and over again.

Quite a different story compared to the single-use jugs you used to lug home from the supermarket, don’t you think?

45,000 Refill Packs Reused
80 Tonnes of Plastic Eliminated
528,870 Laundry Jugs Not Manufactured

Our Refill Return Program

Designed to make sure you can keep the planet clean while you wash.

Our Impact Projects

We dedicate ourselves to various impact projects that help us reduce the amount of plastic waste suffocating our planet.

The projects are constantly evolving, because we believe eventually we’ll be able to build a system that does more than eliminate waste while you wash.

We’ll reduce it.

Total invested into impact projects to date: $100,000