Dirt's dispenser bottles are made pretty. 

That wasn't our primary objective when we set off on our design mission. Our first point of focus, was to reduce our reliance on plastic. 

We concentrated very hard, to make a formula that requires only 14ml of detergent per wash compared to a supermarket average of 50. 

That cut the packaging requirements by 1/3. 

Because of this shift, we knew there had to be some extra function added to the bottle, in the form of a lid that actually helps you monitor your dosage.  Enter, our pump.

Using only what you're supposed to is a big big economical advantage of Dirt. 

We then had a look at the bottle design. 

We set out to create a bottle that is functional (easy to hold, easy to refill), can stand the test of time (doesn't degrade like plastic), and most importantly, makes you feel proud of the space you've created in your house. 

Because if you don't love what you have, you won't hold onto it. Fast fashion has proved this. Cheap furniture has proved this. 

Nothing makes you feel more like an almost-adult, as when you have grown-up laundry detergent - that actually washes your clothes - in a timeless glass refillable bottle, looking damn fine on the washing machine.

You're doing good, while looking good, and feeling good about it. 

It'll make you proud enough to share on your socials, for long enough that it'll have an impact on the planet. 

And that's all we've ever been about. 

Gosha Wirya