Let’s talk cost per load. One of the biggest persuading factors when choosing to purchase products, but one of the trickiest to calculate due to the bag of tricks manufacturers use to disguise it.    

When developing our booster we were determined to give New Zealand consumers a waste free, plastic free and amazingly effective booster that didn’t come with an astronomical price tag.

And that’s exactly what we've done. 

And to prove it we have some laundry maths to show you (we’re quite proud of the math, too). 

We went to Countdown and purchased a 900ml container of Napisan Gold (in our minds, the current category captain). Both products boast the same key ingredients; high levels of Sodium Per carbonate, Organic Enzymes, and Anionic and Non-Anionc Surfactants.  Here’s how we compare. 



Cost per use




Napisan Gold




330g/kg Sodium Percarbonate

Dirt Booster Refill (2800g) 




345g/kg Sodium Percarbonate



 We’re proud of our transparency we know that there are ways to snag a supermarket deal with supermarket products, but it's not just our competitive price we're proud of. 

  •  Our booster has a higher percarbonate level, this means that it’s brightening abilities are stronger 
  • We’re independently Australia and New Zealand owned, need we say more
  • And lastly and most importantly, our booster is the only waste free booster on the market. 

While we’re on the topic of cost per load, we would be remiss to not discuss plastic cost per dose. And there’s no denying that in this category, we are the undisputed king.



Plastic per dose



Napisan Gold




Dirt Booster
Refill Pack





All this is not including the fact that we have a refill return program that drastically reduces the amount of plastic and waste produced per product; from not much, to nothing at all. 

What’s not to love?

Frankie Layton