We’re finally an ANZ company. Thanks (mostly) to Josh’s Mum! 

 Meet Marilyn, our company’s cofounder’s Mum.  

She’s found that having Josh as a son has come with many perks; sleepless nights, giggles, a bucket of worry, and so many moments be proud of. One perk she didn’t expect when Josh was just a teenie tiny tot, was an endless supply of Dirt laundry products. 

Sustainable, sleek, super high performing detergents that are sold in recycled packaging designed to be reused in the neatest closed loop system you can ever imagine. 

Marilyn has been keeping her clothes basket empty and her conscience clean by using The Dirt Company products that Josh has been slipping to her since he helped establish The Dirt Company in Australia, in 2017.  She loves everything about it, except the time that elapses between when she asks Josh for detergent, and when he actually manages to get it for her. 

So Josh got to work, for his Mum’s sake, and found a way to bring the closed loop system to New Zealand.

And today, we’re celebrating. We are officially an ANZ company, and are so excited to be able to deliver you the quality detergent that Marilyn has come to expect, on a timeframe that we’re sure will knock the socks right off her feet. 

All we can hope, is that you love our product and concept as much as Marilyn.  


Frankie Layton