Even when your laundry is filthy and stained, more detergent isn't better and doesn't give you a 'cleaner' result. Not to sound dramatic, but using too much laundry detergent does a lot more harm than good.

The amount of detergent you use in your machine should be in balance with the amount of water. 

Why? Friction.

Friction is a vital part of the washing process. A front loader will lift up and throw down the clothes to release the filth from your clothes. A top loader will use fast direction changes for the same effect. 

The problem with using too much detergent?

Using too much laundry detergent creates too many suds in your machine, which means that the fast actions designed to make the friction required to release grime will just result in a sloshy wash. If the machine can’t get the *bang* it needs to dislodge stains, they’ll just remain on your clothes. 

Not only that but when your machine tries to rinse out the detergent, too many suds will make the job near impossible without extra rinse cycles. Some machines can detect suds and will automatically add extra rinse cycles on. Others will just leave the detergent in your machine. 

What are the signs that you might be using too much detergent? 

🚩 Your wet clothes feel slimy, sticky or soapy after the cycle is done. 

🚩  Wet clothes feel stiff out of the wash.

🚩  Coloured clothes have lost their vibrancy.

🚩  Whites are turning off-white or grey.

🚩  Your machine smells BAD. Mouldy, musty, meh.

How to stop the detergent slick: 

✅  Follow the recommended dosage on your detergent. The recommended dosage differs between brands and detergent types (liquids, powders etc). 

✅  Don't eyeball your dosage. This is where a dose-specific dispenser is invaluable. No excess detergent, no wasted product or sticky fingers. 

✅  Don't overdo it. For especially filthy loads, your best attack plan is to pre-treat any stains and then run a cycle twice if necessary. 

Using Dirt? 

  • Light loads and front loaders: 4 pumps (14mls) 
  • Normal load (both front and top loaders): 5 pumps of detergent (17.5mls) 
  • Especially full loads and large top loaders: 6 pumps of detergent (21mls) 

Reading this and feeling like you might have overdone it? 

Run a machine wash product, like our Machine Drum Wash, through your machine - we made it to dislodge and remove bacteria and product build-up in the drum and throughout the internal parts of your machine. 

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Gosha Wirya