We’ll always make the choice that lessens our impact on the earth, or makes someone else's day and absorb the financial cost.

We have a soft plastics partnership with Reground. Reground is a social enterprise helping organisations and individuals create a circular economy through waste collection and waste minimisation projects.The soft plastic that we sent to them so far has been 520kg. 

Our boxes are locally made here in Melbourne, made from 70% recycled cardboard and 100% recycled. We use only paper tape that can be fully recycled with our boxes. 

The postcards received are also locally sourced and made from 100% recycled paper. 

All of the organics here at The Dirt Company HQ are composted and everything that can be recycled, is. Staff are encouraged to use the reusable cups provided and are often reminded of the waste hierarchy implemented in our core values; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

Over the years we have donated to various projects including Ronald McDonald House, The Babes Project, Breaky for Boobies, Bondi Public School, Climate for Change, Cahoots plus many more local initiatives in the realm of environmental action and doing good things. 

We’re big believers in the collective power of small actions, to make a big difference.

Gosha Wirya