Imagine an oven that has never been wiped down.
Or a fridge shelf that had never been cleaned before. 

Now take that mental image, and apply it to your washing machine. 

Now add in the fact that that’s actually where you put clothes to GET clean. 

If you're grimacing right now, it might be time to give the unsung hero of your laundry a good scrub down. 

Washing machines, especially front loaders are particularly prone to bacteria and limescale build up. This buildup can have an obvious effect on your laundry (that damp washing smell), but it has less obvious effects too; it can reduce overall performance and cause damage to the inner workings of your machine. 

Alas, there are easy ways to bust the grime out of your machine - made easier still by the launch of our all new, all natural Machine Drum Wash

So, here are our top tips on cleaning your washing machine. 

Part 1. The inside of your machine. 

Heat, and an antibacterial, descaling product are key to your success here. 

Step one: Empty the contents of your machine wash either into the detergent dispenser drawer, or into the machine directly. 

Step two: Turn on a tub clean cycle, or a hot (over 60 degrees) wash. 

Step three: Empty your machine filter (this is like emptying the sink strainer). The filter is usually found on the front side just above the floor. Make sure you have something on hand to catch the water that will come out (Tupperware works a treat), and something to scrub any fruit stickers, hair and old tissue off the filter and filter holder (like an old toothbrush). 

Step four: Only necessary if this is your first time  repeat after you have cleaned the outside of your machine too. 

Part 2. The ‘outside’ of your machine. We’re talking about the bits you can easily touch. 

The door: Wipe both sides of it with a hot wet rag and multi-purpose  or glass cleaner on the outside as you wish.  

The tub: Wipe it down with a clean, hot wet rag. 

The seals: Really get in there, and wipe down with a hot wet rag. Get the inside and outside of the seals.  If it’s your first time, you’ll  probably need to repeat this twice. 

The detergent drawer (if you have one): Pull it out and put it in the dishwasher. 

Washing your washing machine feels so good. Not to mention, it can really help with the performance and long-gevity of your machine. 

If you’ve cleaned your machine once, we’re sure you’ll notice when it needs it again just by sight and smell. But just in case, please do remember, doing this a couple of times per year is really key to seeing the benefits.

Shop Machine Drum Wash. 

Gosha Wirya
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