They said it couldn’t be done. Creating products out of 100% recycled plastic.
And we know they’re mostly right because we’ve tried it before, and we failed. 

But they’re also a little bit wrong, because we tried it 10 more times with something different and eventually found a way to make it work! 

Cue: Our little powder scoops, made from 100% recycled, reused refill packs! A new life and a new purpose in our Machine Drum Wash. 

Machine Drum Wash and Recycled Scoop

For the last two years, we have been working with a local company who specialise in ‘micro-recycling’ . We had some end of life refill packs we were desperate not to send to Terra-Cycle (while they are a great company, we prefer to know exactly what happens to our waste).

We wanted to use them to create a useful product, without adding any ‘new’ or virgin plastic in.  We had to figure out how to clean, shred, heat and cool our waste, to make it useful and durable. 

It took two years, but that we did.

Our scoops are not only good in material make-up, they are cute to their core. In our office we have a strange obsession with them; touching them relaxes us in the same way a fidget spinner might. 

Anyway, here’s a video where Tessa, our Impact Manager and Frankie, our Founder, talk you through the process. 

Gosha Wirya
Tagged: Sustainability