So many great recycling initiatives have popped up in the last few years, with private companies really stepping up to the plate to make sure all your disposal needs are covered. 

We thought we'd start a little recycling directory which we'll continue to update as we find more brilliant options. 

If you know anyone who we should add, please comment or email us at 

Onwards, team green. 

Old towels and sheets: All Sheridan stores. They turn them into new towel and sheet products, sheet yeah. 

Old sneakers: Rebel Sport or Converse stores. According to the Australian Sporting Goods Association 25 million pairs of shoes are imported into Australia each year, and only 1% of these are recycled. Nike has a Reuse a Shoe recycling program, which has drop off points at all Rebel Sports stores. Converse also have a Save our Shoes program, which have an added bonus of store credit for your effort. 

Old phones and electronics: According to Officeworks, the average Australian generates 23kg of e-waste each year. This terrifying statistic is behind their e waste recycling program. A range of sub-programs exist to make sure these things are recycled correctly, including a partnership with Mobile Muster who mine the resources in your old mobile phone for re-sale. Ring a ding ding! 

Old white goods: Srappy's not only recycle white goods, but they pick them up, and in some cases, they'll pay you for them! 

Other household riff raff: One of our favourite stockists, Flora and Fauna have a recycling partnership with Terra Cycle to make sure all your household odds and ends can be recycled; from pill packets to skincare containers.

You'll get $10 credit with Flora and Fauna each time you send them packaging, to help cover the cost of your postage. 

Clothes: You've probably heard of them, but all your clothes that you deem not good enough for oppshops (or some you do) can be sent to Uparrel. You pay for pickup but you'll also score a $25 voucher to spend on some of their groovy socks as a thank you. 

Have we missed something? 

Tell us about it! 

PS the image for this blog is from a collaboration between photographer Fabrice Monteiro, and stylist Doulsy - and we HIGHLY recommend you look it up. Beautiful and terrifying.

Gosha Wirya