Your handy guide to

Returning Refills

How to make sure your refills make it back for another round.

The Golden Rules

Advanced wash refill

1. Tighten the lids

Our reply paid envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper, which means they cannot withstand leaking detergent.

Advanced wash refill in reply paid envelope

2. Flatten your packs

The reply paid envelopes can fit up to 4 bulk and 12 regular refills, if packed correctly. The trick is to put them in flat (folded once with bulk packs), and make sure the spouts are not stacked on top of one another.

Advanced wash detergent bundle

3. Keep packs clean and dry

If your refill packs are wet or leaking, they will simply be thrown away on their return journey. If your refill packs are too dirty, they also can't be processed on our end.

Please drop your envelope at a Post Box, or book a pick up here.

Return Refills FAQ

What's the minimum amount of refills I can return?

You can send a single refill if you like, it'll make it back to us perfectly.

For environmental and efficiency reasons however, we prefer you aim for four bulk or 12 refills before you start the returns process.

Can I send you other brands refills?

We would love to be able to help out other brands with their refills, but there are many regulatory and logistical reasons we cannot accept these.

Where do I take my refills / Reply Paid envelope?

You can drop your reply paid envelope to any post office or post box, or arrange a pick up from home via this link here.

Do I have to pay anything to return my refills?

From the point where you have received an envelope, there is no cost associated with returning your refill packs.

There is an upfront cost of $5 to have the envelope delivered. This is a meet-in-the-middle fee for the premium service.

While $5 isn’t free we believe just enough money to ensure the envelopes are returned to us full (rather than one at a time), which is great for environmental efficiency.

What if I can't fit all my refills into one envelope?

Just email us!

We don't want you to push it, and have something go wrong throughout the returns process. We're always happy to help.

How do I reorder?

The return system, and the order system work pretty much independently.

  • Just return your refills when you have enough to fill an envelope.
  • Just order when you need more.

Do I need to include my name / address?

No, you don't need to (although we do keep the cute notes we receive on a special wall in the office).

The reason is, our refills are batch processed. At any one time we might have upwards of 5 big cages of refills waiting to be sorted.

We do not link who sent the refills to the customer, we only track the volume and availability of each different product.

What if I have lost the cap?

You can still send the refill pack back to us, but please only do it if you have high confidence that you have made the refill pack absolutely leak proof.

You can do this with tape, or any old plastic and a rubber bands that you have lying around.

If any detergent leaks out, it runs the risk of ruining others' mail, which is the last thing we want to do.

Can I send back boxes / peg bags

We can't accept boxes and don't love receiving peg bags for reuse.

Here's why:

The boxes require a certain strength to get the product safely through the mail. With every trip, their strength integrity is compromised. If we send more product in these, the lack of integrity causes problems for us.

In addition, our boxes, made from 65% recycled cardboard, can also be curb-side recycled.

The peg bags are made from 100% recycled materials, and are how we package pegs. But they have also been designed to have a permanent end use, hanging on your line.

Because we don't have a production line to sanitise these bags, when we get them back we add them to the 'donations' pile.

But as you can imagine bags with out pegs already made from degraded plastic, aren't our donations partners favourite things to receive, which is why we'd prefer not to have them back.