Fabric Spray Starter Pack

Our all new Fabric Spray. The first of its kind to include natural probiotic odour eliminating technology, that’ll start to work immediately, and continue to work at bad odours for up to four weeks.

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Nature Identical with Essential Oils

Leading Notes: Bergamot. Petitgrain. Clove.

Essential Oils: Orange Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Clove Oil, Curcuma Oil, Ginger Extract, Guaiacwood Oil, Petitgrain Oil. 

Best forOdours that are more stubborn and embedded - it has a fresh shower scent with lasting 'stay power’. 


Surfactants, Probiotic Odour Eliminator, 100% Natural Scents, Preservatives

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Dispenser Bottle,

Fabric Spray Carry On,

Refill Pack

How to use

Spray Fabric Spray in a sweeping motion to mist your fabrics then let dry.

Don't use on fabrics that water spot like suede, silk and leather. If you're unsure, spot test on a small area to begin with.

Please note, a little goes a long way -- the natural probiotic odour eliminator starts to work upon application and remains active for up to four weeks.

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About Fabric Spray

Our all new Fabric Spray is designed to help you achieve more for the planet, by washing less.

Developed using market first probiotic odour eliminating technology, our fabric spray will make anything 'worn' smell fresh again.

The probiotic odour technology comes to life when it is sprayed on textile surfaces. Once activated, it will create an enzyme that will begin to work eliminating bad odours immediately, and continue to do so for more than four weeks afterward.

You can use it on all fabric surfaces including your bed, car, your curtains, carpet and shoes.

The Two Scents of Fabric Spray

Lilac Haze is a 100% natural scent and is the more herbaceous of the two, leaning into traditional clean linen smells like Lavender, Geranium and Patchouli.

It's best for sprucing up your clothes and adding a fresh calming aroma to rooms where you sleep and relax. If you want something with a bit more 'stay power', Daybreak is a great alternative.

Daybreak is nature identical with essential oils. It's leading notes are Bergamot, Petitgrain and Clove which together smell like a fresh morning shower; super clean.

It's best for those more stubborn smells, as it will last longer.

We make laundry better in every single way. That’s it.

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Is Fabric Spray the same as a Linen Spray?

Almost. It's half way between a Fabric Refresh Spray, and a Linen Spray. It contains more odour-eliminating technology than a Linen Spray (and some fabric sprays). But it also contains more natural scent profile, with essential oils - most fabric sprays just use 100% synthetic scents to do the job.

Is there anything I can't use Fabric Spray on?

Fabric Spray is safe on all surfaces that won't watermark.

It can be used on things like carpets, curtains, linen, shoes, and many couches. It's not safe to use on materials that will watermark, like suede, silk and leather.

Can I use the Fabric Spray on Pet beds?

Absolutely you can, so long as you keep in mind that pets can be quite sensitive to scents - including those contain a lot of certain essential oils, like eucalyptus, tea tree, and cinnamon.

While none of our options have high levels of any of those oils, scents like Daybreak which is Natural Origin will be better suited for purpose for houses with pets.

Can I buy Fabric Spray in Bulk?

At this stage it isn't possible to purchase Fabric Spray in Bulk.

This is because the scents in this formula need to be in tightly sealed containers to stay fresh for as long as possible. As bulk packs will be opened and closed at regular frequency, the scent is subject to too much change.

Is Fabric Spray Part of the Refill, Return program?

Absolutely, yes. All our refills are collected for reuse.

My Fabric Spray is hazy, is that okay?

Absolutely, yes. The fabric spray should have a very vague haziness to it, due to the inclusion of the natural products in water. It can also develop a very slight straw colour, depending on the storage temperature - due to the essential oils.

If I have both scents, how do I tell them apart?

The bottles each come with a different scent sticker, so you can tell them apart.