The Staples Bundle

This bundle is a small selection of core products that we're pretty confident will soon become your staples too.

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Included products

Powder Booster Dispenser Jar 1kg
Scoop Made from 100% Recycled Refill Waste
Powder Booster Refill Pack 2.8kg
Stain Remover Carry On 20ml
Laundry Detergent Bottle 475ml
Laundry Detergent Refill Pack 450ml

How to use

Powder Booster

Add in wash: 2 scoops for front loader, 4 scoops for top loader machine
Make a pretreat paste: add 2 scoops with 6 scoops of water and apply paste onto stain, agitate, and wash after 5 minutes
Soak your stains: dissolve 2 scoops in 7L of water. Leave colours for a maximum of two hours
Important Note: Make sure you always follow garment care instructions and do not use if the product says 'Do Not Bleach'. Always treat similar colours together to avoid colour run between garments.

Stain Remover Carry On

Follow garment care label instructions and always patch test fabric for colour fastness
Blot off the stain residue
Use the spray bottle to target the stain directly
If the stain is tough, agitate the fabric so the formula goes between the weave
Allow the stain remover between 5 minutes and half an hour to work
Machine wash or blot off formula with water
If necessary, treat again

Laundry Detergent

Suitable for washing most fabrics
Pretreat any heavy duty stains with an extra squirt straight onto soiled fabric, or use our stain removers
Add 4 - 5 pumps (14 - 17.5mls) to the drawer of your washing machine. If you have a top loader, add the detergent to the base of your machine before you put your clothes in
40 degrees is optimal for heavy stains, however Dirt will work at colder temperatures with mild performance difference

Shipping and Returns

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About the Staples Bundle

The Staples could otherwise be known as the products our team absolutely cannot live without. Our 5-star reviewed Laundry Detergents as well as our core stain removers; the Powder Booster for at home stain removal and the Stain Remover Carry On - to have handy when you’re out and about.

It's a Great Bundle If

You want to transition from pesky plastic jugs to refills, or away from harsh chemicals to those that harness the power of nature to deliver a thorough clean.

The Staples Bundle contains all of our favourites for everyday washing, and something more powerful to tackle life’s messier moments. This bundle is perfect for those who want to simplify their laundry routine with something more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

We make laundry better in every single way. That’s it.


Do the dispenser bottles all come full?

Yes. All our dispenser bottles and jars always come full, unless they are purchased via 'Spare Parts'.

How do I use the products in the bundle?

The bundle has three types of products:

Whether you choose Advanced Wash or Original Laundry Detergent, our Laundry Detergents can be used to replace your old detergents - and used exactly the same way.
The dosage for a standard size machine (8kg) is just 4-5 pumps, and can be adjusted up or down, based on how full your load is.

The Powder Booster comes in handy when you have stained, or greying products. You can use this as a pre-wash treater, a soaker, or a paste. It is an all-encompassing stain solution, comprising of enzymes, surfactants and oxygen bleach.

The Carry On Stain Remover is great for when you are out and about. It'll target common food stains like berries, causing them to fade instantly. For the stains that don't fade instantly, it will stop them from setting so that they can be more easily washed out. To use, simply spray, wait up to 30 minutes, blot off the stain solution to prevent fading (or machine wash your clothes), and carry on.

Can I use these products in hot or cold water?

Warmer water actually helps most detergents (including ours) perform better by opening up the fibres in the fabric.

At 20°C, you'll have a reduced performance by an average of 15% (it varies depending on the depth of the stain). As we’re a super high performing detergent, especially when it comes to stain removal, we recommend you wash lighter soiled loads in cold water and spot treat isolated stains. For anything that’s smellier or sweatier with general grime, we recommend upping the temperature to 40°C.

Are all your products septic safe?

Yes, all our products are biodegradable, and safe for septic use.

If you are running a smaller or specialised home system, we do recommend you opt for the Original Laundry Detergent over the Advanced Wash; just because it is the most readily biodegradable.

In addition, we recommend limiting your use of the Powder Booster.

Although it is readily biodegradable and 100% natural, it is the dosage that determines to poison, and the best way to keep a septic healthy is to minimise what goes into it. That's why we suggest limiting large soaks to once per week.

Are the refills in this bundle part of the Refill, Return program?

Yes, all our Refills are part of the Refill, Return program

Will these products be okay for sensitive skin?

We have had some really great feedback from people with sensitive skin, in particular people with Psoriasis and Eczema. These reviews have been primarily directed toward our Original Laundry Detergent - which is the most subtle of all our detergents. You can see the reviews on our facebook, and on our website.

It was unexpected feedback, as we really didn’t formulate our product specifically for sensitive skin. We believe the reason we’re receiving the feedback is because we use high quality, organic and plant based active ingredients, and we help people measure the exact amount that they need, meaning that all detergent residue is washed off the clothes within the wash.

Do these come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, if you don't like the products or change your mind within 30 days, you can send back your products for a refund or exchange.